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10bet bwin斯坦福大学的Precourt Institute宣布了2022年全球能源英雄竞赛的获奖者

May 6, 2022

由马克·戈登(Mark Golden)

Three sustainability organizations have won the 2022 Global Energy Heroes prizes from Stanford University’s Precourt Institute for Energy, announced on May 4 during Stanford’s Energy Solutions Week. The competitive prizes drew 44 submissions across five continents.

组织领导的人年龄在18岁到30年old were eligible to enter, which required submission of a short video about their work. The winning organizations work in Kenya, Brasil and the United States. Mukuru Clean Stoves is figuring out how to get Nairobi’s low-income mothers to switch to improved cookstoves, a huge health problem that has bedeviled decades of international aid efforts. Revolusolar is making residential solar accessible to low-income households in sun-drenched Rio de Janeiro. And ElectricFish is enabling affordable, all-renewable electricity charging to electric vehicles while also making regional power grids less vulnerable to blackouts. Each organization gets $20,000 to advance their enterprise.

“The submissions we received were broad both geographically and topically,” said Yi Cui, director of the Precourt Institute and Stanford professor of materials science and engineering. “The three winners and the other finalists represent the breadth and depth of young people around the world committed to making their communities more sustainable and defending our world from climate change.”

“I hope their stories and the real benefits of their work inspire us all,” said Cui.

The winners were selected by a panel of four energy experts, listed below.

Video entry from Mukuru Clean Stoves

Cook stoves for Kenya


穆库鲁(Mukuru)是肯尼亚首都内罗毕最大的贫民窟之一,也是夏洛特·玛加伊(Charlot Magayi)居住和销售木炭以年轻母亲谋生的地方。在成人学校,Magayi了解了她出售燃料的传统烹饪炉的危害。她继续发现Mukuru干净的炉子


Mukuru distributes its stoves through women in communities throughout Nairobi. The stoves are partially subsidized by philanthropic organizations and carbon credits, but they still come at a cost to clients. The organization works with its distributors on finance. Mukuru says it has sold more than 100,000 of its cleaner stoves.

“We are putting the (Global Energy Heroes) prize money towards the construction of our new production facility,” said Magayi.

她希望该奖项还将使Mukuru Clean Stoves能够吸引更多的投资者和合作伙伴。马加伊说:“在我们旅程的这一点上,没有什么比这更有效了。”



Sustainable, affordable and secure energy for all is the vision for the energy transition. Brazil has increasingly expensive electricity rates and relatively inexpensive solar energy technology, so this is already a vision at hand, especially in Rio de Janiero. Residential solar is a sustainable, decentralized electricity source and a generator of local jobs.



“So far, Revolusolar has been operating a pilot project in Rio de Janeiro. Our next step, starting in 2022, is to expand the solar revolution to new territories, nationally,” said chief executive Eduardo Avila. “The prize money will be entirely used to finance this national expansion, which includes a project in the Amazon region。”

The prize motivates Revolusolar to keep working on the solar revolution, aiming at a more inclusive and sustainable society, said Avila.



Clean charge for EVs


In addition, a significant ElectricFish presence in a given area could improve the reliability of the local electric grid, the founders say. As reliance on intermittent solar and wind power grows, energy storage – both large, centralized capacity and local resources – is becoming increasingly critical to keeping power demand and supply in balance to avoid blackouts.

该公司由斯坦福大学能源资源工程系的博士生Folasade Ayoola和密歇根州技术大学MS '18的Anurag Kam10bet bwinal的博士生创立。卡马尔(Kamal)获得了斯坦福大学商学院IGNITE计划的创新和创业证书。10bet bwin这两个创始人被认可福布斯in its 2022 “30 Under 30 in Energy” list.

该公司的首席设计师Ashleen Blaettler表示:“ ElectricFish计划将这笔奖金投入到扩大我们的社区弹性得分算法的扩展,以帮助我们选择最有影响力的位置来建造分布式存储。”



The judges of the competition were the Precourt Institute’s Cui;威尔·塔佩(Tarpeh)斯坦10bet bwin福大学化学工程助理教授;简·伍德沃德,Map Energy和Stanford讲师的创始人兼执行合伙人;10bet bwin和皮特·希金斯(Pete Higgins),第二大道合作伙伴的合伙人。

全球能源英雄是由赞助商资助的Global Energy Forum,,,,which will be held in November 2022.